Malou’s Experience Caucusing for Hillary

By Maria (Malou) Guieb-Campos

The AAPI mock caucus held on January 23, 2016, at the Franklin Library prepared me and my fellow Filipino Americans with valuable information on how to caucus in the state of Iowa.

Our group represented our respective organizations, National Federation of Filipino American Association (NaFFAA Iowa) and Filipino American Association of Iowa (FAAI).

With Iowa’s grassroots culture and storied history of caucusing, Iowans enjoy the opportunity to be the first to assist in this presidential nomination process.

With our growing Asian American population, it is time for us to be involved, engaged and allow our voices to be heard. I didn’t realize that our small town of Grimes had four precincts. Holding it at the Ohana Sports complex was appropriate to accommodate a huge crowd.

My husband Roel F. Campos (NaFFAA Iowa Chair) and I assisted in checking in registered voters and quickly noted the limited registered Asian Americans, Latinos and other diverse voters in my precinct.

The need to continue to strengthen and train Asian Americans in this civic responsibility has been identified and will be an ongoing goal.

If Malou can do it, you can too. Support Hillary at the Nevada Presidential Caucus on February 20!

Meet Sanjita Pradhan. She helped Hillary win Iowa.

Iowan and Nepali American Sanjita Pradhan attended her very first Iowa caucus last night and played a critical role — as did every caucus-goer for Hillary — in helping Sec. Clinton win Iowa.

“I felt compelled to sign up, and I’m happy I did it,” Pradhan told NBC News. “I said I know we have more Asian Americans living in our precinct, and there were few here and we need to reach out to them. That’s why I want to be a delegate.”


Sanjita emigrated to the U.S. from Nepal with her husband and three-year-old son in 2006.  She left during a time of political crisis in Nepal involving Maoist insurgents along with communal violence, curfews and strikes.

“The country was not doing well and we wanted to come to the U.S. for a better life,” said Sanjita in a White House blog profile. Just in time, I got very lucky and was accepted into the Diversity Immigrant Visa program through which we were able to relocate and transition into our new life in Iowa.”

Sanjita not only voted for Hillary in the caucus, but helped sway two undecideds to cast their votes for Hillary as well. She will also be a delegate for Hillary from her precinct to the county convention.

Thank you, Sanjita, for your support!